Welcome to the Virtual RISE Center. Here we are offering a variety of practices and curated resources to support your holistic success, mental health and well-being. Feel free to access any one of our videos, guided meditations, handouts, and other resources.

Holistic Healing Library

Handouts, Worksheets & Self-Directed Resources

The RISE Handout and Worksheets Library contains downloadable PDFs of tools such as the Self-Care Wheel, which can be used to deepen your understanding and practice of mental health work.

Meditation and Mindfulness

The RISE Center has created resources to help encourage the practice of meditation and mindfulness. These resources include audio recordings of guided meditations which you can use to pause, breathe and reflect.

Mindful Eating

This page contains resources related to mindful eating, and includes meal support, podcasts related to body image/acceptance, and resources for eating disorder recovery.

RISE Playlist (Spotify)

The RISE team has created Spotify playlists with music aimed at helping you feel and discharge your emotions. Some examples include: RISE & Grind, designed for workouts, and Vulnerability, designed for times when you need to show yourself a little more love.

Woman smiling, holding flowers, and wearing a t-shirt that reads "My size? Resilient. Drop the label." Body Liberation Series

This series highlights the intersections between body size/shape and experiences of discrimination. Join us in this movement towards body acceptance, inclusivity, and liberation through rejection of diet culture as well as body policing across social spaces.

Resilience During Political Unrest

We acknowledge that the days, weeks, and months following the November 2020 election were challenging for many in our UCLA community. To support our campus community, you will find links here to resources for students, staff and faculty meant to help support you and your communities through election season.

COVID-19 Resources & Support

Here you can find an archive of COVID-19 resources for faculty, staff, and students, including trainings, resources, and virtual support programs.