RISE Playlist

Welcome to our RISE Music Portal. The RISE team has created an array of playlists for you to enjoy! Themes are below (click on the theme title to access in Spotify). Music is a powerful way to come back into your body, feel and discharge your emotions, inspire joy, freedom and connection! Enjoy!

Collaborative Good Vibes: This playlist contains songs suggested by our RISE staff to help support you relax, chill and feel good!

RISE with Us : This playlist contains songs suggested by our RISE staff to help support you and your needs. Remember to breathe and be in the present moment...We hope you enjoy it!

RISE & Grind: v Have you been feeling the urge to work out and get a little physical from home? Check this upbeat playlist out to help support your physical activities. Grind it out with RISE!

Rain: Weather is a big part of our day and can affect our moods. As the rain comes and goes, what better way navigate rainy days than with music? Sit back and tap into your feelings with our playlist the next time the universe sends some rain your way! Vulnerability: Self-care and self-work is important to do! Take advantage of this time and allow yourself to be vulnerable and honest. Show yourself a little more love while being supported through the music!

Quarantine & Dream: Feeling Restless? Anxious? Cooped up? Turn on this playlist curated by our RISE staff. De-stress during this quarantine and dream!!!!

Scribble & Vibe

Listen to one of the above playlists or curate a playlist of your own to guide your scribbles. Fuse music, color, and shapes in this art making activity rooted in self-care.

Scribble&Vibe Video