Coping with COVID-19: Overcoming Feelings of Discouragement

UCLA students are adjusting to new systems, structures, and demands as they embark on a period of online instruction. This transition could lead to new experiences of uncertainty, stress, and self-doubt. Paramount to the college journey is a student’s ability to manage their well-being and maintain confidence in their capacity to thrive. These messages, hosted by Dr. Drea Letamendi (psychologist in Residential Life and Interim Director of the UCLA RISE Center), in collaboration with other supports in Student Affairs, will share encouraging information with students, equip them with essential skills, and direct them to campus supports related to taking care of their emotional health and well-being during these challenging times.



CORONAVIRUS-Related Update (as of 4/30/20): 

Dear Campus Community, 

At the RISE Center, we recognize that the changes related to Coronavirus affecting our campus and world are likely giving rise to feelings of stress, anxiety, and worry about the future. These are very normal reactions to something that is affecting all of us in a variety of ways. 

As a reminder, create space for yourself and within your teams to take a few moments to breathe, reflect and slow down during this time of uncertainty and shifting. Ask yourself, what micro-steps for my well-being can I take to support my ability to get through the week ahead? And what is one small thing that I can appreciate right now? 

The RISE Center is offering a robust Virtual Calendar of programs to support well-being and community upliftment. Please check our calendar or Instagram: @RISEcenterUCLA or Facebook: RISE Center UCLA for program information and updates. 


In addition, offer a Virtual Library of recordings, including videosguided meditation tracks, and resources for faculty and staff



The RISE Team 



The RISE (Resilience In Your Student Experience) Center, is an affiliate program and physical extension of UCLA’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). The RISE Center is a holistic wellness hub that provides an array of programs, classes, trainings, and self-directed resources to foster and support resilience, connection, and well-being for our UCLA community. Services are free of cost to students and are led by a team of healing practitioners, mental health experts, prevention educators, wellness advisors, and student ambassadors. We champion best practices around equipping students with social-emotional skills, embracing difference and diversity, and elevating the concept of "mental health" as an every-day habit so that students can meet their full capacity for personal success. Our wellness oasis offers inclusive, accessible services such as meditation, yoga, peer coaching, and other mind-body modalities. Please email to schedule an intake with a resilience advisor or stop by the RISE Center in Lu Valle Commons Basement for more info. More information about RISE programming can be found on Instagram: @RISEcenterUCLA or Facebook: RISE Center UCLA.