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Thank you for visiting our UndocuBruin Support page which provides resources and support on mental health and resilience for our community. Here you will find a four-part video series from October 2020 that focuses on supporting the mental health and well-being of undocumented Bruins, as discussed in conversation with students and staff from the UCLA RISE Center and Undocumented Students Program.

UndocuBruin Support Series - Part 1: Impact of DACA Changes on Well-beingVideo

Part 1: Impact of DACA Changes on Well-being

UndocuBruin Support Series - Part 2: Journeys in Higher EducationVideo

Part 2: Journeys in Higher Education

Part III cover image Video

Part 3: Mixed-Status Families

Part IV Cover ImageVideo

Part 4: Celebrating Resilience in Election Season