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For coronavirus information for the UCLA community, please visit the Ashe Center website and UCLA’s information page.


RISE and the LGBTQ CRC are working with a number of campus partners to provide supportive messages for UCLA students who may not feel safe at home during this unprecedented time amidst COVID-19. For our students who rely on their residence halls, campus spaces, and classrooms for sanctuary and security: we see you, our hearts are with you, and we are thinking of you every single day.

While we wish there was more we could do in this moment, we hope these inspiring videos and practices will help you feel the power and hope of your Bruin community even amidst this time of physical distance.

You may want to begin with the Welcome Video and the short Trauma-Informed Yoga and Meditation Practice. You can then browse the video titles and choose what resonates most with your experiences. Most importantly we want to remind you that you are not alone.

"You Are Welcome" -- A Message from the LGBTQ Campus Resource Center (LGBTQ CRC)

We provide a comprehensive range of education and advocacy services supporting intersectional identity development as well as fostering unity, wellness, and an open, safe, and inclusive environment for UCLA’s LGBTQ community. The LGBTQ CRC affirms folks of all sexual and gender identities and serves the entire UCLA community – undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We welcome you to engage with us by stopping by the Center, attending our programming, utilizing our services, or participating in an Allyship Training.

We Welcome You by Andy Cofino Video

For the QTBIPOC Community by Diana Trujano Video


  • QTBIPOC Space: If yall are interested please join us for our weekly QTBIPOC Space through the LGBTQ CRC. QTBIPOC Space stands for Queer and Transgender Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and is an intentional space to build community, envision and work toward our liberation, and have a chance to decompress and enjoy creative expression. Please follow us at @qtpocatucla on Facebook!
  • Trans Clipper Project: In response to COVID-19 and the needs we’ve seen in our local mutual aid group , we created the Trans Clippers Project to help keep our community more safe.
  • Rest for Resistance: Rest for Resistance strives to uplift marginalized communities, those who rarely get access to adequate health care or social support.
  • Poem By UCLA student: Diana Trujano

    Imagine a green bright light
    Shining from where your heart is,
    Feel as this light fills your entire being with love.
    In this moment I am loved
    I am loved by others and by my own self
    I am loved by the earth, wind, the ocean, and the moon.
    I am full.
    I am worthy of this love
    And even on days that I do not feel entirely loved,
    I remind myself that self love is a process,
    And I can try again tomorrow.

"I Think It's Brave" -- Healing Practices from the RISE Center

The RISE Center is an affiliate program and physical extension of UCLA’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). The RISE Center is a holistic wellness hub that provides an array of programs, classes, trainings, and self-directed resources to foster and support resilience, connection, and well-being for our UCLA community.

Services are free of cost to students and are led by a team of healing practitioners, mental health experts, prevention educators, wellness advisors, and student ambassadors.

Here are trauma-informed, guided practices that you can do in your physical space to support your well-being and wholeness. These audio and video options are offered by RISE Facilitators Zabie Yamasaki and Nikita Gupta.

Trauma-Informed Guided Meditation: "I Think It's Brave..." with Zabie Yamasaki (SoundCloud Audio Track)

Guided Embodiment Practice for "Finding Ease in Uncertainty" with Nikita Gupta with Nikita Gupta (SoundCloud Audio Track)

Trauma-Informed Yoga with Zabie Yamasaki

"I Think it's Brave" - Trauma-Informed Yoga Meditation Video

Body Encouragement Video with Nikita

Body Encourage with Nikita Gupta Thumbnail Video

Please join us in more virtual programming to support your Self-Care and Well-being.

"A Call for Hope" -- A Message from the Center for Accessible Education

The Center for Accessible Education (CAE)’s mission is to create an accessible, inclusive, and supportive learning environment. Through a collaborative effort with faculty, staff, and students, the CAE facilitates academic accommodations, disability advocacy, and serves as an educational resource for the campus community.

We invite you to join the more than 4,000 CAE students in spreading a message of hope and inclusivity.

CAE Call for Hope Video

Here’s how you can reach out to the CAE:

  • Are you registered with the CAE? All registered student can email their counselor directly or send a message through the CAE website. CAE counselors are available to meet with you through Zoom or phone.
  • Curious about the CAE? If this is your first time contacting the CAE as a person with a disability, visit the Accommodation Requests section on the CAE website at for more information about registration.
  • All UCLA students are encouraged to visit the CAE's Trainings & Tutorials page to find videos and helpful learning tools. You can also access additional assistive technology tools to aid your learning can be found on our Assistive Technology page .

"A Message of Hope" -- From the Counseling and Psychological Services Center

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is here to support your mental health needs as you pursue your academic goals. Our services are designed to foster the development of healthy well-being necessary for success in a complex global environment. We are pleased to offer a variety of services to meet your needs including:


"A Message of Hope and Healing" from CAPS — for students currently living in isolating, invalidating, oppressive, and other difficult environments.”

A Message of Hope from CAPS Video

    Support for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence within the LGBTQ+ Community" -- A Message from the CARE Program

    CARE is committed to the eradication of sexual and gender-based violence through creating and sustaining a safe, healthy, and equitable community for all people. CARE strives to achieve this through provision of comprehensive prevention education, individual support and advocacy, and holistic healing programs for all members of the UCLA community.


    "Support for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence within the LGBTQ+ Community"

    Support for Survivors of Gender Based Violence within the LGBTQ Community Video

      Being, Building and Becoming" -- A Message from Wesley Foundation Serving UCLA/580 Café

      580 Cafe logo

      580 Café is a space for students to break bread & build relationships through food, conversation, study and arts. All are welcome in this place!

      A group of students at a park

      Videos from Staff and Students:

      580 Cafe - Being, Building, Becoming Video

      "Ten Years at 580" Video

      10 Years at 580 Video


      A Message from The Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars

      UCLA is home to more than 12,000 international students and scholars. The Dashew Center serves the international community at UCLA. We are the central hub for resources, support and advocacy for international students and scholars

      "Video Coming "


      Additional Offerings and Resources

      Resources for College Students Quarantining in Unsupportive Environments during COVID-19 (University of Florida, Dept. of Psychology Guide for Communities and Individuals experiencing difficult shelter in place situations.)

      Resources for College Students Quarantining in Unsupportive Environments during COVID-19