Harmony At Home - Working Through Conflicts

Harmony at Home: During the Age of COVID

How do you find personal space when sharing your living space? The Harmony at Home series is aimed at supporting individuals in identifying, understanding, and actualizing boundary setting, communication strategies, and coping skills to assist in building and maintaining healthy relationships with self and others. The resources offered will help create greater peace and harmony at home while physical distancing during COVID-19 and beyond. These resources offered will help create greater peace and harmony at home while physical distancing during COVID-19 and beyond. These resources are ideal for students and individuals in any shared residential space, and can be meaningful for a variety of relationship dynamics. Staff in the areas of UCLA that focus on residential, mental health, and wellness have created educational videos and other resources that you can access on your own time, as tools to support the development of healthy relationship behaviors. Interactive programming will also be offered through virtual Zoom workshops.

A Starting Point: Pre-Recorded Educational Resource Videos

Harmony @ Home is a series dedicated to providing interactive programming that will address how to safely strengthen communication, provide healthy coping skills, and strategies on how to build strong relationships while social distancing.

The following videos, created by Sadaf Lotfalian, M.A., are designed to provide a brief introduction to the Harmony @ Home series:

The Role of Emotions Video

Harmony @ Home: The Role of Emotions

Communication Styles Video

Harmony @ Home: Communication Styles

Boundary Setting Video

Harmony @ Home: Boundary Setting

The following transcripts can be used to follow along with the videos or as separate reference documents. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us for further support!

Harmony at Home Toolkit PDF

The Harmony in the Age of COVID document contains useful resources related to achieving harmony during the age of COVID-19 that can be quickly referenced in times of need. The following resources are included in the document:

  • Establishing Healthy Communication- A guide on how to create and normalize healthy communication skills to deal with conflict and create a safe space for yourself while social distancing.
  • Establishing Healthy Boundaries- A guide on how to set healthy boundaries within various relationships (e.g. platonic, romantic, familial, etc.) at home and in the workplace.
  • Self-Care During Social Distancing- Examples of physical, mental, spiritual and social activities that you can do to implement self-care while social distancing.
  • RISE, CAPS, CARE Resources- A list of resources that are available to students through RISE, CAPS and CARE.
  • Upcoming Programs- A list of upcoming programs that will be available through RISE, CAPS and CARE throughout the summer.
  • Additional Resources- A list of UCLA-based and external resources that students can use to achieve harmony during the age of social distancing.