RISE Outreach: Workshops & Trainings

The RISE Center is available to collaborate with campus partners, departments, and student organizations through our outreach offerings. You can request a workshop or training through our Outreach Request Form. Before selecting a workshop or training, please read the following descriptions of what we offer. We look forward to working with you!


Breaking Down Self Care (1 Hour)

This workshop helps students dig into the concepts of wellness and self care. Students will create their own definitions of wellness by considering personal and cultural factors; learn to identify their own stressors and stress warning signs; learn the difference between self-soothing and self-care; and break down the different aspects of caring for oneself. Students will walk away with a deeper understanding of wellness and their own self-care toolkit.

Imposter Phenomenon to Compassion (1 Hr)

This workshop explores the idea of imposter syndrome/feelings by looking at this concept’s origins, identifying the underlying causes, exploring the ways different intersecting identities might experience these feelings differently, and introducing self-compassion as a form of resilience-building.

Mindfulness Interactive Clinic Indoor (30 Min. - 1 Hr)

Students will learn the basics of mindfulness, its benefits, and ways to practice it in everyday life. Students will also get to try some different mindfulness techniques during the workshop and learn about campus mindfulness resources if they are interested in deepening their knowledge or practice.

Expression Session (30 Min. - 1 Hr)

RISE staff will work with you to create a workshop where students can engage in different forms of creative expression, i.e. mindful drawing, coloring, journaling, decorating grounding stones, etc. RISE can provide some materials depending on workshop attendance and details can be discussed with RISE staff.

Intro to Mental Health & Resilience Resources (30 Min. - 1 Hr) - Formerly known as Intro to CAPS/RISE

This workshop provides an overview of mental health resources on campus. Students will learn about CAPS services and how to initiate them, learn about the RISE Center and our services, and learn about the myriad of other mental health and wellness services on campus.

Bruin Community Gathering Space (30 Min. - 1 Hr)

Bruin Community Gathering Spaces are supportive and inclusive spaces for dialogue, community processing, and resilience building in response to a difficult or tragic event. They are centered around students’ needs and are open to all Bruins. Please select “Gathering Space” and indicate the topic in the box below the drop-down menu on our outreach request form. If you would like to schedule a Gathering Space for an urgent/emerging situation and/or within the next two weeks, please email rise@caps.ucla.edu with the subject line: “Gathering Space request”.


Suicide Safe (2 Hrs)

UCLA’s Suicide Safe Training’s objective is to help members of the UCLA community understand suicide and assist with its prevention outside of mental health settings. In this training you will be able to: recognize that we are all affected by personal, societal and cultural attitudes about suicide (2) use a step-by-step technique to act to help a person at risk of suicide and be safe for now (3) identify the next step after a person has been assisted in a suicide-related crisis (4) appreciate the value of improving community resources; and appreciate the concepts of life-promotion and self-care in the context of suicide.

Assisting Distressed & Distressing Students (1 Hr)

Faculty, TAs, student leaders, and staff members play a critical role in a student's university experience and are in a position to notice and respond when a student is in distress. This presentation will help participants understand how to identify students in need of assistance; what resources are available to students; how to approach students in distress and assist them in getting connected with resources; emergency procedures; and how to reach professional staff for consultation regarding distressed or distressing students. This training can be co-presented with Case Management Services and was co-created with CAPS/RISE & Case Management Services.

Opioid Overdose Prevention Training (1 Hr)

The UCLA Narcan Distribution project and accompanying training is committed to providing students with free access to Narcan (the brand name for the generic medication naloxone), an easy-to-use, life-saving medication used to treat opioid overdoses. In this training you will learn: the facts about Fentanyl, how to administer Narcan/Naloxone, and how to promote a safe and healthy UCLA community.