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What’s your role here at RISE & outside of RISE?

CAPS and RISE work closely to coordinate and develop mental health prevention and wellness services in response to campus needs. I am part of both teams as they share the central goal of increasing mental health awareness and support for students and communities. At CAPS, I also provide direct clinical services and lead prevention and outreach programs, including the Trans Wellness Team and Drop-In services. I am very interested in supporting the resilience efforts of student activists and developing culturally responsive ways to promote community wellness.

How do you self-care?

I make sure I make time for play and rest. Yoga is a main staple. I carve out both alone time and meaningful time with others. Lately I have learned that I love chasing after a yellow ball, i.e. tennis! I check in with my body and my emotional energy moment to moment. I accept that I am not limitless in my capacities. I stay close to nature.

How would you define resilience?

The capacity to reach and create moments and experiences of wellbeing in the context of shifting and demanding life situations. A blessing and a skill that can be cultivated and grown.

What does wellness mean to you?

For me, wellness can take multiple shapes and forms: openness and curiosity, greater reserves of tolerance and compassion, creativity and playfulness, energy in body and mind, and plenty of laughter.

Saeromi Kim