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Julianna is a graduate student assistant at the RISE center and a second-year Master of Social Welfare student at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. She recently graduated from UCLA with her BA in psychology and minor in disability studies and plans on becoming a licensed clinical social worker after earning her master's degree. Her areas of interest include mental health, therapy, and working with the disability community.

Favorite self-care practice: I recently started rock climbing and it's been a great way to take my mind off of the business/stress of life. It keeps me focused on the present and helps my body feel energized.

Fun fact: I have backpacked in the Pacific Northwest four times.

How would you define resilience?

I believe resilience is our ability to take on a stressful experience and bounce back with the help of support systems, resources, and our environment. I think resiliency is a community effort and requires not only the efforts of the individual but also the opportunities and access to resources surrounding them.

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness, to me, embodies our mental well-being and physical health. Wellness impacts our quality and experience of life. Whether we are physically or mentally unwell, we deserve to have the tools and services to support our needs and help bring us to a place of wellness.

Julianna Mora